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Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement at more than 250 schools across the country, all raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in their community. College Dance Marathons alone fundraised over 6 million dollars last year.

All of the money that is fundraised at the Dance Marathon at UIS, will go to St. John’s Children’s Hospital that is located in Springfield. Throughout the year, students have fundraised money themselves and interacted with the children and their families. The year will culminate with a 8 hour long event where students will stay on their feet through dancing, games and entertainment in celebration of the total amount raised for this year. This event is ultimately “For The Kids,” but it also gives college students an experience they may never have.

If you have any questions, please email: uisdancemarathon@gmail.com

Dance Marathon

Children’s Miracle Network

St. John’s Children’s Hospital


What is Dance Marathon?

     Imagine 6 hours of dancing, crafting and eating. It will be like a new Late Nite every hour and we will be celebrating hard work raising donations for CMN with families that have benefited from our work. Dance Marathon is a movement of more than 250 schools and we’re glad to be a part of it.

What does CMN stand for?

     Children’s Miracle Network. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is North American non-profit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues.

What does FTK stand for?

     For The Kids!

Where is this money going?

     All of the money raised at the Dance Marathon at UIS will go directly to St. John’s Children’s Hospital right here in downtown Springfield.

How long has it been at UIS?

     2015 was the first year ever that UIS hosted a Dance Marathon. Nonetheless our executive board has been working with CMN at St. John’s since 2013. 

How can I get involved with the organization?

     Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on meetings we have. If you can’t make a meeting email us at uisdancemarathon@gmail.com and we can help find the perfect position for you! 

How can I successfully fundraise?

  • Post on social media about your participation in Dance Marathon
  • Ask friends and family to skip a coffee and send $5 your way
  • Rather than asking for gifts for a holiday or birthday ask for a donation
  • Offer up services like babysitting or tutoring for a small fee to build up your goal
  • The most effective way to fund-raise is to ask directly by sending family members or friends your fund-raising link via email or Facebook messenger.

What should I bring the night of February 24th?

     Energy! Come in comfortable clothes or even a spirited costume. There will be a coat and bag check when you register at the door so you can dance freely all night long. There will also be opportunities to donate to CMN throughout the night so bring your wallet as well! 

More questions?

     Email us at uisdancemarathon@gmail.com. Make a comment on our Facebook or Tweet us!

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