Thank you donors!

Today we wanted to thank all of our past donors for their support of not only Dance Marathon at UIS but of the kids and the Children’s Miracle Network. No matter how much you gave; it could have been the change in your pocket or a $100 check, you made a difference!  Without your help last year we would not have been able to raise $5,000, throw a huge party for the kids, and come back this year. Thank you!

We want to encourage you if you were a donor last year or someone just discovering Dance Marathon at UIS, to find some left over change, or a few dollars to spare to donate to our cause. You’re helping kids get healthy again so that they can come to college and participate in their school’s Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is this generation, fighting for the next. Without your support today, kids tomorrow will not receive the help they need. Please consider donating today.

Thank you again fro your support and we hope to see you on March 4th for our main event!



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